Any natural person can be a member of the Cebu CFI Community Cooperative provided he/she possess the following:

  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Must be a Filipino Citizen
  • If living abroad, must be a natural-born Filipino Citizen with a residence of the Philippines
  • Must be able to validate enter into a contract

Online Application

CFI only accepts online applications for membership which a prospective applicant can do so through its membership Online Application facility found on this website by simply clicking the menu button found on the homepage.

The application system has 4 stages of activities that a member must fully accomplish is a successive sequence before he is allowed to go to the next stage. It consists of the applicant’s personal profile, taking a selfie photo of himself, and the uploading of supporting documents, watching the 23-minute video seminar, and the submission of the online application.

The applicant must accomplish the online application form by filling in all the required personal details such as name, date of birth, address, mobile number, and other personal information of the applicant.

Rights of Membership

  • equal voting rights with other members regardless of the amount of share capital contribution.
  • To avail of all services and facilities of the COOP such as loans, tax-free interest income on deposits, whether savings or time and participation in the COOP’s Health fund called the MMAF.
  • To invest in a tax-exempt dividend-bearing share capital equity participation in the COOP’s capital base.
  • To be informed of the financial status of the cooperative
  • To attend and participate in all general and special meetings for the membership
  • To have access to information on all policies, guidelines rules and procedures affecting membership rights and interests.

Duties and Responsibilities of Membership

  • To pay promptly the annual membership dues
  • To settle promptly all outstanding obligations with the COOP
  • To maintain a current record of all personal data in the CFI database
  • To be regularly informed of new policies, procedures, news or events concerning COOP matters by regularly accessing the COOP’s website and online social media pages.
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