CFI E-Services

What is it?

It is an online facility of CFI, which enables one to transact with it without having to visit a CFI office or see a CFI personnel.

What are the transactions with CFI that can be done online?

 Through the E-Services, one can:

  1. View his statement of accounts with CFI whether for his Share Capital, Time or Savings Deposits or Loans
  2. Apply or renew a loan
  3. Withdraw a deposit whether regular savings or time.
  4. Update a member’s profile
  5. Monitor the status of a transaction with CFI.

What are the requirements for one to access the CFI E-Services?

 For one to access the services the following conditions must be present:

  1. The member must be a member of good standing
  2. He must have his personal data such as First and last names as well as the date of birth registered in the CFI database.
  3. He must have his mobile phone number registered with the CFI database.

How can one access the CFI E-Services?

 The following steps must be observed:

  1. Press the E-Services button found on the homepage of the CFI website in order to be brought to the login page.
  2. On the lower portion of the page, click the registration menu by pressing “Register here”
  3. Fill in the required fields such as Forst and last names, date of birth and the mobile number registered with the CFI database
  4. Then enter your preferred user name and password for logging into the E-services facility.
  5. After pressing submit, wait for a One Time Passcode or OTP to be sent to your mobile phone through a text message under the name “cebucficoop”.
  6. After entering the OTP code, you are done and ready to use the CFI E-Services.

What if a bona fide member does not have a mobile number registered with CFI?

The login page of the E-Services has a facility for a member to register his mobile number online. In the lower portion of the said page, one will find an updated menu where he can do so. After submission of the update form, the member will just wait for a maximum of 48 hours for the update to effected in the CFI database.

Is the CFI E-Services safe and secure? CFI has installed security features to ensure the integrity and security of the transactions of a member using the E-Services Facility.

First. Only registered members can access the E-services facility.

Second. The member must enter his registered log in user name and password before he can access the E-Services facility.

Third. All transactions will require a member to enter the One Time Passcode or OTP sent to his registered mobile phone. This code can be used only within 1 minute from the time it is received otherwise, it will expire and the member has again to request for another passcode to be resent.

Fourth. The member is required to submit a sulfite photo of himself using the webcam or camera of his computer or mobile phone.

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